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Hanbury Botanic Garden


Corso Montecarlo, 43 - La Mortola - 18039 Ventimiglia
Ph: 0184.229507

area 18,2 hectares, open all year.

Created by Thomas Hanbury in 1867.

As early as 1892 Sauvaigo defined it as “The first and most important acclimatization garden in Italy”.


Boccanegra Garden


Villa Piacenza Boccanegra Toscanini 43, loc."Muru Russu"
Ph: 0184.229507

Area 3 hectares, private, visits on requests.

The villa bears the ancient name of a property that was owned originally by the De Mari family and later by the Biancheri family, who introduced exotic plants and roses.
In 1906 the English botanist Ellen Willmott transformed it into Ventimiglia’s third botanic garden.



"Voronoff" Castle Gardens, Grimaldi Mentone 50, Grimaldi hamlet

Area 1 hectare, private.

Created in 1865 by the English doctor J.H. Bennet.

In 1892 Sauvaigo defined it as the garden where “many other species have supplemented our share of exotic flora”.



Ventimiglia Alta's Hanging Gardens



They were already mentioned in medieval documents, and were later

shown on the Vinzonian maps (1700s). In the 1800s they were given a more exoctic appearance.


The Plain of Latte


The area was chosen by Ventimiglia’s nobility as the site of their summer homes, and is still characterised by these villas with ornate 17thC porches.


Villa Orengo-Sella


Via Romana 39/41 - 18030 Latte
Ph: 0183.290213

Along the Via Romana we find a vast property which formerly belonged to one of Ventimiglia’s most important families. The late-medieval tower, transformed in a later period, is the hub of an ancient agricultural system among the olives and grape vines. In the late 1800s, an interesting park was created on the Sella property with a rich selection of exotic plants. The property is currently being restored with particular care, with a view to opening to the public in the near future.


Ventimiglia Public Gardens


In accordance with the wishes of Thomas Hanbury, the gardens were designed by the landscape gardener Ludovico Winter in 1906.